Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

Eagles, Not chickens

In a country either nowhere ....

A chicken farmer in the barn behind his house. He also maintains a small chicken found in the woods. He mixed it with chicken companion. Although similar, this little chicken looks strange among the other chicken.

Although strange, this chick had no problem living among the animals and the winged fellow feathered birds in one cage. But he is still a chicken for hanging out everyday and act like a chicken, too. He tried to eat chicken. Learning paw with its claws. Learning crowed. And in an instant, he could.

The same is also little chickens others. Never know if the outside was so vast and free. Too much food is far more delicious than that presented in the cage. He did not know that there is blue sky above the roof. He had never felt the warmth of sunlight for never penetrate into the stable stall.

Until one day, a sage arrived. He said to the farmer, "Hey, the little that was not chicken. He is an eagle. "

So the farmer replied, "Uh, uh, no, no, no, my friend. It was chicken. Only behaved like a chicken. "

The wise man was asked politely, "Excuse me, Would the little you give me?"

"For what?"

"I back him to the habitat. He'll be a creature in the chicken, because he's a hawk."

And the farmer gives the tiny person knowledgeable in that.

The wise then took the baby chicks that looked strange was. He brought up the hill, waited until the sun rises. Then, put the weird chick in the direction of the sun and say, "Hey eagle, fly to the sky!"

Chicks was surprised. Immediately spread her wings. Spread. Then fly as high as high. Through the blue sky into the distance.

Similarly, God says to us, "You all are not chickens. You're an eagle. Spread your wings, eagle, fly!"

And God wants us to awaken ourselves, stretch and flap our wings. Then fly and soar, to grow as a person who is confident, good, and beautiful. Rise to compassion, gentle, more concerned with living creature.

Risen so what God wants: eagles, not chickens. Dig potential, develop talents. That is our responsibility as human beings.

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