Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Deer and Crocodile

Deep in the jungle island of Borneo. ...

A walking deer looking for food.

After a long walk, he reached the bank of a river.

He can not jump the river and rushing water for it. What reason? The only way is to swim. Thus, any deer up the river bank with caution.

"Hey, stop!" A voice suddenly surprised her. "Do not ever cross this river."

"Why?" Asked the deer, surprised. "The time I cross the river now. Is not this the season of harvest for our nation? Grass and leaves flourish beyond. Let me cross! "

"No, no! Because ..., "said the snake," The river is very dangerous! "

"A lot of crocodiles in there, buddy. You'll be fine cuisine for them if only you were careless. "

The evening before, the day changed into night. After a long day of walking, the deer was exhausted. So he went to sleep. In his sleep, he dreamed.

There was a dense forest. Forests become the foundation of life of all creatures on earth. Forests sustain not only life of animals, but also plants and human beings. That's why, do some damage this forest.

In contrast, the forest must be maintained. In the woods that bring the water flowing all kinds of creatures. Vegetation surrounding receive blessings from flowing water. Deer do not know how to cross rivers. But he knew that the other side of the river have many friends. Well, he had a plan.

The night became morning instead. It is time now to continue the journey. When he set foot on the bank of the river, the crocodile deer call, "Hi crocodile, come here"

Swimming crocodile approached. Incidentally I was hungry, no food came, why I refused, he thought. Um, delicious. I'll be a big party.

However, what happened? Unexpectedly, deer instead rebuked. "Hey, stupid! I want you and your people get out of this river! "

"What did you say?" Crocodiles do not believe his ears. So far, all living creatures in the river and around the river was afraid of him. This river crocodile is the king.

"Get out of here!"

"Do not be arrogant, my friend! Behold, your body just only the tip of my tail. "

"To hell big or small. It's not a problem. The problem is, the number of my race much more than people. Although we are small, we are actually far more powerful and clever than the nation! "

"Nonsense!" Hue and crocodiles. "Certainly a lot more of our nation than the nation. We are the greatest nation in the river and this universe. "

"Can-can you say your people have more. But where's the proof?"

"Proof? Easy! If you want, right now flock crocodile show you, with one condition. If the number of my people more than the nation, then you'll be a meal for me. Deal with a proposal?"

"Agreed. Who's afraid? "Replied the deer. "Then, send your friends lined up neatly and meetings of this cliff to cliff there. That way, I could begin to count the number of you. "

Crocodiles do what's required deer. He is convinced, is the nation's most intelligent animals. So, in an instant, they were marched off a cliff to cliff.

"Well, well ... too many people. Now I start counting! "Said the deer.

"Calculate the speed dong!" Urged alligator, can not wait. While deer jumped from one crocodile's back to the back of another.

When the deer jumped from the back of a crocodile in the last row across the river, the crocodile said, "Right, we number more than the nation? Now you're my food! "

The deer just laughed ... "Thank you, comrade. You're indeed great, but your mind is very small. In contrast with our nation, deer."

Hear confessions and watched deer trick reason, the crocodile was furious. He wag its long tail. The tip is pointed and sharp, almost on deer body. Fortunately a block of wood.

With a cocky, deer walked away leaving the riverbank. Sign jungle again.

Now he joined again with another deers nations.

This story may be quoted, provided the source is mentioned.

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