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Golden Goose Egg (modern fantasy)

A newly country hit by natural disasters. Mountain erupted. The tide rises. Tornado destroyed houses. Flash flood swept rice paddies and fields. Make plants and animals die instantly. As a result, the population suffered a great famine.

In the country, there lived a poor widow. Her husband had died. The widow living with her son. They lived in a thatched hut and repose soil.
Neighbors and villagers no one cares to totter, and his mother. Therefore, their livelihood is very short. They do not have anything. The only property they have is a cow.

One day, swayed, the boy's name, asked her mother to the city. He was asked to sell a cow. The proceeds to buy food.
So go staggered into town to sell the cow. Unfortunately, because do not understand, someone had replaced it with something wrapped in a bag. The man was instructed, "Fill this bag do not you open. New to be opened upon arrival at home. "

Swaying to obey what the cow buyer. He did not dare argue.
T pity at home, her mother greeted with giddy delight. I wish the sale of beef can be bought for food. At the very least, they need sufficient food for a month.

"Mom, this is the result of our beef sales," he said handing the bag swayed. Her mother opened the bag.

When he saw the contents of kanttong, mother gasped. "Why would anyone make fun, son," she said plaintively, accompanied with tears.

"What, does not?" Staggered not understand. "Are the proceeds less?"

"No, son. Look at this! "I showed the bag to the inner harbor. Gosh! In it contains the seeds, not money, as befits people buying and selling.

Was filled with disappointment, she threw the bag into the yard. Small grains were scattered black, spilled over here.
However, there was something unexpected. A few days later, the seeds that grow into vines. Soon the plant height. Then went up the tree near the house. Apparently, bean seeds were magical.

One day, as curiosity overwhelmed, climbing unsteadily magic beans. He found a very large nest above the clouds. In it lay the golden goose egg. Include heart giddy joy.

Swaying picked. Apparently golden goose egg. He immediately dropped. Then immediately take him home.

Swaying then took a machete. He immediately chop magic beans. Plants growing vine it soon died. No one can climb it again.

Golden goose egg they sell immediately. The result buy food. Proceeds from sale of the golden goose egg is not just enough to meet their food needs of one month, but also for many years.

Swaying and his mother live happily. They thanked the cattle buyer. Swaying back to town to see him try. Unfortunately the old man is not there anymore.
Jakarta, January 2, 2010
R. Masri children's story writer, lecturer story telling, live in Tangerang.

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