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The Origin of Pawan Hill

folktale from West Kalimantan
retelled by: R. Masri Sareb Putra

Traditional Dayak people are believed to be signs of nature.

Thus, in one night. A Tapang Perodah villagers heard the sound of birds. Usually, the bird sounds in the afternoon. If sing at night, the birds must have a certain marking.

Hear the birds given signal the residents meeting was held chaired by the village chief or commonly called "macan" (tiger). So it was decided to hold a tolak bala ceremonial.

With indigenous elders and shamans physicians counsel. To expel harm that will befall the village, they decided to make the party for three days and three nights. With the ceremony, they were hoping the gods would reject any danger that would threaten.

Very festive feast. Any cattle that are owned, brought to the ceremony to be slaughtered. Cows, oxen, goats, and chickens that had decent cut; brought to the ceremony to be victims. As for the rest is to eat until satisfied.

All the villagers are soluble in the fun party. They sing. They also danced. The young couple singing and dancing. The old joke at each other. Grandma and grandpa did not miss a laugh story. Anyway, nothing is gloomy in the day of the ceremony. All excited, because after the ceremony must have them all safe.

However, not all citizens share in the joy of late. In the village, life is also a grandmother. Nek Dara, the villagers used to call her because her hair was gray-haired old lady like a dove, white hairy. Granny Dara live alone. He was only accompanied by Pawan, her grandson who was legally responsible. Their lives are very poor.

Day and night the sound of the drum and then passed without stopping. Laughter to be continued by occasional cheers. Because of the poor, Grandma Dara and Pawan at the party uninvited. Therefore, they could only imagine. How delicious food and drinks served at the party.

Although poor, the grandmother and grandson maintain pangolin (manis javanica) and cats. Although a single forest animals, but because it withheld from the infant, the creature was so very tame. After all, they like to help. Cats like mice that are often blocked to enter the house. While the ants eat pangolin littering the house.

"Wan, go to the party. Ask for a piece of meat for us! "Said Granny Dara.

With feelings of shame, Pawan went to a party. He did not dare refuse. Besides, could not bear to hurt her very dear grandmother.

Arriving at the party, with no strings attached Pawan say the words. He was given a piece of meat by the party leader.

But on the way home, Pawan slip. Piece of meat fell from his hand. The dogs that followed him from behind, grabbed the meat immediately.

Pawan crying back home. He told her experiences to her grandmother. Grandmother tried to comfort her. Then gently try to persuade Pawan to ask once again.

What a shame to the party Pawan again. But he had no choice. Long they had to eat without meat. So once again left for Pawan to the party. How well the party leaders, still want to give him another piece.

This time, Pawan more vigilant. The experience taught him to walk more carefully again. "Grandma, Pawan came with the meat!" He once climbed the stairs to the house.

As known, the steps Sport Dayak tribe is very high. Can be up to three meters. Once stepping on the court house, Pawan feet stuck between the bamboo poles. Meat in her hand fell to the ground. Under the court, there is a puddle. A piece of meat that goes into it.

Pawan sobbing. He was irritated. This time the meat has been successfully brought into the house, but woe. Seeing his grandson crying, Grandma Dara suggested once again tried. Pawan then go to a party, ask again.

People were surprised to see that Pawan came for the third time. "This kid is outrageous," said a cook. "Do not know myself. Given one, ten asked."

But okay. He had a sense that the child was cured and never come back for the next time. Is not there a piece of rubber is usually used to start the fire? Rubber gave it to Pawan.

"This is meat that you are looking for. Go home and cook. Eat together with your grandmother. Have fun and glad you like us!"

Receiving generosity for the third time, Pawan home cheerfully. At home, his grandmother was waiting. Soon they were cooking meat.

But what happened? The longer cooked, the meat was melting. Pawan impatient. The food tasted. It was not like meat or poultry animals commonly eaten by people. Granny Dara also tasted it. Eventually the grandmother knew. That is given to them instead of meat, but a wad of gum.

Because the pain and humiliation to accept treatment like that, grandmother and grandson were crying. Nek Dara then called pangolin. He made the insect-eating animals dig holes from their home villages to cross the line. In an instant, pangolin was performing his duty.

Now called the cat. The animal was given clothes. The cat's neck was given a necklace with a red ribbon "Take it to the party. Arriving there, let go! "Granny said Dara on Pawan.

Pawan grandmother to oblige. Arriving at the party, the cat was taken off in the middle of bustling crowd. Pawan to go home. Everyone laughed at the cat. They all laugh. There are holding belly laugh.

Suddenly, darkness filled the whole village. The thunder hit. Lightning snapped grabbing. Instantly rowdy atmosphere. Heavy rain falls. Strangely, not water that down, but the stone.

None of the people who survived the hail. However, Granny Dara, Pawan, pangolin and the cat survived. They left the village through a tunnel that has been made pangolin.

Immediately, the village was filled with stones. Over time it becomes rock hill. That is the origin of Pawan hill.

That is also why people Ketapang District, West Kalimantan still hallow stone that lay along the cliffs and the basic Pawan River ....

This story may be quoted with permission of the author

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